Search the npm registry by keywords, results carefully sorted using both relevance and downloads.
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The old npm download count API endpoints dont exist anymore. This module has not yet been upgraded to the new API so it doesn't work at the moment


Allows you to search the npm registry by keywords from the command line.

Results are carefully tuned - sorted using both relevance and downloads.

Here are some cool points of the algorithm:

  • Keywords are stemmed and expanded using a cooccurrance matrix (e.g. mongo -> mongo, mongodb)
  • Download counts age exponentially - recent downloads are valued more than old downloads.

Search is fast - npmsearch uses a local database populated directly by the npm registry (no middle-man server involved)

Trying it

Want to try it first? Visit the web based demo


[sudo] npm install -g npmsearch


npmsearch <keywords> [options]

Here is a sample listing:

% npmsearch orm
* orm (7 185)
    NodeJS Object-relational mapping
    by Diogo Resende <>

* sequelize (3 2456)
    Multi dialect ORM for Node.JS
    by Sascha Depold <>

* mongoose (2 25863)
    Mongoose MongoDB ODM
    by Guillermo Rauch <>

* model (3 684)
    Datastore-agnostic ORM in JavaScript
    by Matthew Eernisse <>

* patio (3 190)
    Patio query engine and ORM
    by Doug Martin <undefined>



  • --exact use exact keywords only (bool)
  • --relevance relevance factor for sorting number > 0 default 0.25
  • --downloads downloads factor for sorting number > 0 default 1.5
  • --freshness freshness factor for sorting number > 0 default 0.25
  • --halflife halflife of download count value in days `default 30
  • --aging halflife of package freshness in days default 180
  • --dataAge maximum data age in (days) or fetch from registry (default 1.5)
  • --refresh force data update (bool)