A webbased file upload manager to share files by sharing an account
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====== Crocofile ======

Crocofile is a file upload manager to share files by sharing an account.
Files can be uploaded and downloaded through the web interface.

===== Requirements =====

  * PHP
  * Apache with mod_rewrite and .htaccess support

===== Setup =====

  - Unzip the zipfile to your PHP enabled website
  - Make sure the webserver can write users.conf.php
  - Edit settings.conf.php to set the directory where files will be stored
  - Visit the uploaded Crocofile in your webbrowser
  - Log in as 'admin' with password 'admin'
  - Change the admin password and add new users

===== Credits =====

  * Crocodile Icon from the Animal Iconset by Martin Berube http://www.iconarchive.com/show/animal-icons-by-martin-berube/crocodile-icon.html
  * HTML 5 Uploading by Andrew Valums https://github.com/valums/file-uploader
  * HTTP Digest Auth based on work by Paul James http://www.peej.co.uk/projects/phphttpdigest
  * Table sorting by Stuart Langridge http://www.kryogenix.org/code/browser/sorttable/
  * File Icons from the File Icons project http://www.splitbrain.org/projects/file_icons
  * ZIP downloading by Paul Duncan http://pablotron.org/software/zipstream-php/

===== FAQ =====

:?: How to increase the allowed upload size?

:!: Increase the ''upload_max_filesize'' and ''post_max_size'' values in your php.ini

:?: Can I create groups or let mutliple accounts share an upload space?

:!: No. One account is one upload space. Only the user 'admin' can access all spaces.

:?: Where do I report bugs or feature wishes?

:!: https://github.com/splitbrain/crocofile/issues

:?: Why is it called Crocofile?

:!: I needed a name. It works with files. Crocodile Dundee was on the TV. Go figure.