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improved german translation

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1 parent 3bc006f commit 1396430ca1a574e8c99e841ef6242d2086bbf67c @splitbrain committed Mar 9, 2006
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  1. +5 −5 lib/plugins/config/lang/de/lang.php
10 lib/plugins/config/lang/de/lang.php
@@ -76,11 +76,11 @@
$lang['sitemap'] = 'Google Sitemap erzeugen (Tage)';
$lang['rss_type'] = 'XML-Feed Format';
$lang['rss_linkto'] = 'XML-Feed verlinken auf';
-$lang['target____wiki'] = 'Interne Links in Fenster öffnen (target)';
-$lang['target____interwiki'] = 'InterWiki-Links in Fenster öffnen (target)';
-$lang['target____extern'] = 'Externe Links in Fenster öffnen (target)';
-$lang['target____media'] = 'Datei-Verlinkungen in Fenster öffnen (target)';
-$lang['target____windows'] = 'Windows Freigaben in Fenster öffnen (target)';
+$lang['target____wiki'] = 'Zielfenster für interne Links (target Attribut)';
+$lang['target____interwiki'] = 'Zielfenster für InterWiki-Links (target Attribut)';
+$lang['target____extern'] = 'Zielfenster für Externe Links (target Attribut)';
+$lang['target____media'] = 'Zielfenster für (Bild-)Dateien (target Attribut)';
+$lang['target____windows'] = 'Zielfenster für Windows Freigaben (target Attribut)';
$lang['proxy____host'] = 'Proxy-Server';
$lang['proxy____port'] = 'Proxy-Port';
$lang['proxy____user'] = 'Proxy Nutzername';

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