A Minecraft plugin API
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SpongeAPI Build Status

Currently not stable and under heavy development!
A Minecraft plugin API (not including an implementation). It is licensed under the MIT License.



The following steps will ensure your project is cloned properly.

  1. git clone git@github.com:SpongePowered/SpongeAPI.git
  2. cd SpongeAPI
  3. cp scripts/pre-commit .git/hooks


Note: If you do not have Gradle installed then use ./gradlew for Unix systems or Git Bash and gradlew.bat for Windows systems in place of any 'gradle' command.

In order to build SpongeAPI you simply need to run the gradle command. You can find the compiled JAR file in ./build/libs labeled similarly to 'spongeapi-x.x.x-SNAPSHOT.jar'.


Are you a talented programmer looking to contribute some code? We'd love the help!

  • Open a pull request with your changes, following our guidelines.
  • Please follow the above guidelines and requirements for your pull request(s) to be accepted.