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Derick Rethans

London, England

Hi there! I am Derick, and I am the creator of Xdebug, PHP's debugger. I have been working on Xdebug since 2002 — that's a whopping 17 years! I am currently working on creating Xdebug 3. I am refactoring the entire code base for easier maintainability, which then will result in much increased performance. To be able to work on this, I would very much appreciate your support.

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Ant — The "buy Derick a cup of tea" tier. It shows your support for Xdebug. You have my eternal gratitude.

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In addition to the Ant tier, this tier will also give you access to podcasts and videos showing upcoming Xdebug features or coding/problem solving sessions.

I'll also send you an Xdebug sticker!

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