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Hi, I'm Erin Catto. I live in California with my family and I work on Box2D in my spare time.

I created Box2D as a tutorial at the Game Developer Conference in 2006. My goal was to create a very simple physics engine that showed how to write a solver that could handle stacking and friction robustly. Some months past after the tutorial and I learned that people were using the demo code to create awesome games. I thought this was incredible!

So I began developing Box2D as an open source project. I had three main goals:

  1. Develop a quality 2D physics engine that could be used freely to make great games (I love physics puzzle games).
  2. Do research and develop better algorithms for game physics.
  3. Make this work open source so other people can learn from it and also help me improve it.

I'm not looking to make money on Box2D, but there are expenses related to the development of Box2D. I appreciate any sponsorship you provide or just a mention in the game credits.

To be honest, the best thing you can do for me is make a great game with Box2D that brings joy to people's lives.

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Featured work

  1. erincatto/box2d

    Box2D is a 2D physics engine for games

  2. erincatto/box2d-lite

    A small 2D physics engine

    C++ 760
  3. erincatto/AntLove

    Platformer game for LÖVE

    Lua 25
  4. erincatto/bullet3

    Bullet Physics SDK: real-time collision detection and multi-physics simulation for VR, games, visual effects, robotics, machine learning etc.

    C++ 33

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