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Hugo Peixoto

Porto, Portugal

I'm Hugo Peixoto, a software developer from Porto, Portugal. I've been contributing to free and open source software fore more than 10 years now.

Most of my open source contributions happen when I hit bugs or limitations in existing tools. I like diving deep onto other code bases and fix random things. I have a bias towards ruby, so that's where most of my contributions end up.

I also create small command line tools for personal use (in C, rust, or ruby).

I organize events around free and open source software in my hometown.

Event organizing

I organized an AI competition during Make or Break 2018. The software was released under MIT from the start. I am currently working on the AI competition for Make or Break's next edition.

I have been organizing Porto codes, a monthly programming meetup, since 2015. When it's safe to organize meetups again, I will work on hosting, recording, and releasing the next editions of Porto codes.

In 2019, I organized two Hacktoberfest sessions.

Bug fixing

I wrote several bug fixes (and small features) for random projects:


I'm creating mentorados, an free software platform for students to find mentors. This is currently targeted at my university.

I blog about technical curiosities I find while working on my projects:

I co-host Conversas em Código a podcast on programming, in Portuguese.

Other small projects / cli tools:

  • wedit, a cli tool to edit audio files. Mainly an excuse to learn how audio works.
  • untracked, detects files that are currently not under version control
  • tico, a path shortening helper program.
  • mail-tools, a set of tools to backup (via IMAP) and analyze emails.

What sponsorship does

Sponsorships will allow me to spend more of my time fixing bugs in known ruby projects. It also allows me to work my own projects and events.

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