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Hi! I'm Louis and I'm working to bring strongly typed programming to the Erlang virtual machine with the Gleam programming language!

If this sounds like something you would like to support please consider supporting Gleam by sponsoring me on GitHub. Your sponsorship will allow me to spend more time building the documentation, tooling, and libraries needed for Gleam to be a productive, production ready language alongside its siblings Elixir and Erlang.

My work

In addition to my work on Gleam I am also an active contributor to the wider Elixir/Erlang ecosystem, creating maintaining a variety of tools and libraries.

  • mix An automatic test runner for Elixir TDD
  • elixre: A web based regular expression editor and tester for Elixir
  • dogma: The original Elixir style linter
  • exfmt: The original Elixir code auto-formatter
  • yesql: An ergonomic library for using SQL from Elixir
  • icalendar: ical serialisation and deserialisation for Elixir
  • And more!

I've also worked on the Elixir language itself, both contributing new features to the compiler (such as teaching the REPL to use syntax highlighting) and advising the core team on new development.

Outside of the Elixir/Erlang ecosystem I work with Rust and with audio-visual art. One project of note here is sonic-pi-tool, a super-low latency command line client for Sonic Pi, the creative coding musical instrument.

Thank you for your support! 💜

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