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  • 💼 I am a Principal Security Engineer with experience building security functions at Fortune500, pre-IPO companies, and exponential growth startups. Currently, I own efforts to secure GitLab's SaaS cloud infrastructure and container technologies.
  • ✍🏻 I curate CloudSecList, a newsletter hat keeps thousands of security professionals informed about current happenings and news related to the security of cloud-native technologies, and CloudSecDocs, a website collecting and sharing my technical notes and knowledge on cloud-native technologies, security, technical leadership, and engineering culture.
  • 📚 I blog about cloud security, strategy, and technical leadership, and I'm writing The CloudSec Engineer, a book on how to enter, establish yourself, and thrive in the cloud security industry as an individual contributor.
  • 🔑 I also run a boutique security advisory firm, and I am an advisor and angel investor of a few early-stage startups.
  • 🛡 I am a member of the CNCF Security Technical Advisory Group (STAG), part of the committee tasked with creating the Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) Certification, part of the AWS Community Builders program, and maintainer of Cartography. I am also a mentor in the Lead the Future program, a non-profit that helps young italian talents to pursue a career in the STEM field.
  • 💬 You can find additional information about me at:

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Not including the countless hours I put every week into blogs, OSS, and, mainly, CloudSecList and CloudSecDocs, there are a number of costs associated with running them (like domain names and AWS costs). I'll be able to cover these costs once I'm sponsored for $50 each month.

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Featured work

  1. lyft/cartography

    Cartography is a Python tool that consolidates infrastructure assets and the relationships between them in an intuitive graph view powered by a Neo4j database.

    Python 2,619
  2. marco-lancini/goscan

    Interactive Network Scanner

  3. marco-lancini/docker_offensive_elk

    Elasticsearch for Offensive Security

    Python 132
  4. marco-lancini/utils

    Useful scripts, Ansible roles, Docker images, docker-compose apps, and Terraform modules.

    Python 102
  5. marco-lancini/k8s-lab-plz

    Modular Kubernetes lab which provides an easy and streamlined way to deploy a test cluster with support for different components.

    Shell 49
  6. marco-lancini/offensive-infrastructure

    Offensive Infrastructure with Modern Technologies

    Shell 89

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