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At NV Access we believe that every Blind and Vision Impaired person deserves the right to freely & easily access a computer.

We create the software which makes that possible: NVDA

The Facts

There are 285 million blind & vision impaired people in the world. They all have amazing gifts to contribute to society, but they need the right tools to realise their dreams.

Technology Is The Key

Technology opens up so many doors. But for those of us without sight, computers don’t work straight out of the box. Software called a “screen reader” is needed to translate visual information verbally, so we can make sense of what is on screen.

The Issue

Unfortunately many screen readers cost thousands of dollars — often more than the computer itself. This holds millions of people back from affording to use a computer and discovering their potential.

A Free Solution

We have spent the last 12 years developing the global solution: NVDA
A free, high quality screen reader, accessible to all! We have already enabled 200,000+ people to gain freedom, education and employment!

What we will be creating with your sponsorship:

Your support will help us to:

  • Ensure the ongoing maintenance and development of NVDA, to make sure that blind and vision impaired people around the world can access the latest technology
  • Ensure that NVDA is keeping up to date with the most recent versions of Windows operating systems, third party applications such as web browsers and productivity software, and refreshable braille displays
  • Provide NVDA users with access to quality support and training materials
  • Provide access to NVDA for more blind and vision impaired people globally

17 sponsors are funding nvaccess’s work.


Meet the team

Featured work

  1. nvaccess/nvda

    NVDA, the free and open source Screen Reader for Microsoft Windows

    Python 1,473
  2. nvaccess/nvda-community

    NVDA wiki articles contributed by the community.

  3. nvaccess/espeak

    A fork of the official eSpeak speech synthesizer project, specific to NVDA. Contains missing data.

    C++ 17
  4. nvaccess/audioScreen

    An NVDA add-on that allows you to "feel" images with your ears, while moving your finger around a touch screen on Windows 8 and above.

    Python 11
  5. nvaccess/nvda-ocr

    An NVDA add-on which performs optical character recognition (OCR) to extract text from an object which is inaccessible.

    Python 7

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