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Hi, I'm Philip. 👋

I'm a pedagogue and web-developer.

→ I'm working on several open source-projects for @JokeNetwork and others
→ I've created SCSS-Scratch, JokeNetworks Docs for WHATWG &
→ I've created several free and open-source Bootstrap themes (e.g. FT Bootstrap Theme)

If you support me through GitHub Sponsors, I can put more time into developing and creating for the open source community and I will also split any donations with the other members of JokeNetwork.

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Featured work

  1. philipbrembeck/FT-Bootstrap-Theme

    Minimalistic & simple one-page bootstrap theme

    SCSS 3
  2. frontendnetwork/faq

    Public documentation for @WHATWG Wiki MetaExtensions.

    TypeScript 6
  3. frontendnetwork/SCSS-Scratch

    SCSS Scratch Template

    SCSS 2
  4. frontendnetwork/ is a modern webapp that allows you to easily scan EAN barcodes to check if a product is vegan-friendly. With a database of over 3 million products, you can quickly find out if your fa…

    TypeScript 32

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