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James Harris

Berkshire, UK

Hi there! My name is James Harris and I am an active contributor to open source projects. I also enjoy dabbling in photography as a hobby 📷

If you enjoy any of my projects and would like to support my continued open source contributions, consider becoming a sponsor of mine 💕

I maintain

  • Kitsu (, a content discovery platform and tracker for anime & manga
  • Apollo-11, digitising and proof reading the Assembly source code used to reach the moon in 1969

I am creating


NPM Packages

CLI Tools


OS & Terminal Themes


  • mpv-config, opinionated configuration for the mpv media player
  • latex-bnu, opinionated report class for LaTeX documents

You can find me at

1 sponsor is funding wopian’s work.


I'll be able to cover server and domain hosting costs each month with six sponsors ($30/month). It'd mean a lot to me if you help me reach this goal! 💕


Featured work

  1. chrislgarry/Apollo-11

    Original Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC) source code for the command and lunar modules.

    Assembly 53,057
  2. hummingbird-me/kitsu-tools

    🔨 The tools we use to build Kitsu, the coolest platform for anime and manga

    HTML 2,064
  3. wopian/kitsu

    🦊 A simple, lightweight & framework agnostic JSON:API client

    JavaScript 207
  4. wopian/preferred-locale

    🎌 Get a users' preferred locale/language from your app's available translations

    JavaScript 12
  5. wopian/smooth-corners

    CSS superellipse masks using the Houdini API

    JavaScript 97
  6. wopian/kitsu-season-trends

    🦊 Kitsu seasonal anime trends

    JavaScript 14

16% towards 6 sponsors goal


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