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Yan Pujante

Las Vegas, USA

I am originally from France and moved to the US in 1998. I have been doing software engineering since the early 80's, first as a hobby (beginning in the era of the TI-99/4A), then professionally for most of my career.

I feel very lucky to be one of the founders of LinkedIn, contributing to its success from the very beginning. This was an amazing, rewarding, life changing experience.

Since I left LinkedIn, I have been concentrating on open source development.

I am the author of the Jamba VST2/3 and AU framework which lets you quickly create an audio plugin as well as the author of re-cmake which is a CMake based build framework for building Rack Extensions (Reason plugins).

I have also released several Rack Extensions and VST plugins all free and open source.

If you are enjoying my work and would like me to continue doing it, feel free to contribute to the sponsorship program. That would be much appreciated.

Even if you don't contribute, I would be very happy to hear from you (feedback, comments, etc...). Check the contacts page to find out how to reach me.

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Featured work

  1. pongasoft/jamba

    A lightweight VST2/3 framework

    C++ 115
  2. pongasoft/re-cmake

    CMake based build framework for building Rack Extensions which are audio plugins for Reason, the Reason Studios DAW

    CMake 11
  3. pongasoft/jamba-sample-gain

    Documentation plugin for Jamba framework: a simple gain plugin for VST2/3

    C++ 5
  4. pongasoft/vst-vac-6v

    VST (2 & 3) plugin to analyze and control the peak volume of a signal

    C++ 3
  5. pongasoft/vst-sam-spl-64

    A free/open source VST2, VST3 and AudioUnit plugin to easily split a sample in up to 64 slices

    C++ 28
  6. ypujante/ray-tracing

    This is a go implementation of the "Ray Tracing in One Weekend" book

    Go 37

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