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PE file manipulation library
C++ C Assembly
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PeLib - Version 0.09 (alpha release)

Copyright 2004 by Sebastian Porst


1. What is PeLib?
2. Where can I find a documentation of PeLib DLL?
3. Which license is used for PeLib?
4. Which compilers are being supported?
5. How do I compile PeLib?

1. What is PeLib DLL?
   PeLib is an open-source C++ library to modify
   PE files. See for more details.

2. Where can I find a documentation of PeLib DLL?

3. All parts of PeLib are distributed under the zlib/libpng license.
   See license.htm for details.
4. The following compilers have been tested:
   MingW with g++ 3.2.3
   Visual C++ 7.1 / Compiler version 13.10.3052
   Borland C++ 5.6.4 (currently not supported)
   Digital Mars Compiler 8.38n (currently not supported)

5. Go into the PeLib/source directory and enter the following lines
   depending on which compiler you use.
   g++: make -f makefile.g++
   Borland C++: make -f makefile.bcc (currently not supported)
   Visual C++ 7.1: nmake makefile.vc7
   Digital Mars: make makefile.dmc (currently not supported)
   If the compilation is succesful there should be some *.o/*.obj files
   and (if you used g++) a PeLib.a file in the lib directory.
   Then go to the examples directory and pick one example (I
   suggest FileDump) and try to build it with the same make
   command as above.
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