Ruby library for decrypting Apple Pay payment tokens
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Named after the Gala apple, Gala is a Ruby library for decrypting Apple Pay payment tokens.

Gala is available under the MIT License.

Ruby support

  • For Ruby v2.3 and below, please use the legacy-ruby branch, or specify gala v0.3.2.
  • For Ruby >= 2.4, use the master branch or specify gala v0.4 and above


Add gala to your Gemfile.

gem "gala", "~> 0.4.0"

If you need to track a development branch or reference functionality not yet contained in the RubyGem release you can specify the gala repo directly.

gem "gala", git: "", ref: :master

Then bundle install to fetch Gala into your local environment.


Gala works by:

  1. Initializing an instance of Gala::PaymentToken with the hash of values present in the Apple Pay token string (a JSON representation of this data).
  2. Decrypting the token using the PEM formatted merchant certificate and private key (the latter of which, at least, is managed by a third-party such as a gateway or independent processor like Spreedly).
require "gala"

# token_json = raw token string you get from your iOS app
token_attrs = JSON.parse(token_json)
token =

certificate_pem ="mycert.pem")
private_key_pem ="private_key.pem")

decrypted_json = token.decrypt(certificate_pem, private_key_pem)
# =>
  "paymentData"=> {


$ rake test

Finished in 0.017918 seconds.


To cut a new gem:

Setup RubyGems account

Make sure you have a RubyGems account and have setup your local gem credentials with something like this:

$ curl -u rwdaigle > ~/.gem/credentials; chmod 0600 ~/.gem/credentials
<enter rubygems account password>

If you are not yet listed as a gem owner, you will need to request access from @rwdaigle.


Build and release the gem with (all changes should be committed and pushed to Github):

$ rake release



  • Remove unmaintained aead gem dependency
  • Rely on Ruby 2.4 openssl support for aes-256-gcm ciphers (and specifying the initialization vector length).


  • Setup CircleCI for more comprehensive Ruby version/compatibility testing
  • Use Minitest instead of TestUnit to more seamlessly support higher Ruby versions
  • Last planned release that supports < Ruby 2.4


  • Use Shopify aead library for compatibility w/ Ruby >= v2.2


  • Verify payment token signature