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This project is a simple, minimal implementation of an OAuth2 Authorization Server for use with Spring Cloud sample apps. It has a context root of /uaa (so that it won't share cookies with other apps running on other ports on the root resource). OAuth2 endpoints are:

  • /uaa/oauth/token the Token endpoint, for clients to acquire access tokens. There is one client ("acme" with secret "acmesecret"). With Spring Cloud Security this is the oauth2.client.tokenUri.
  • /uaa/oauth/authorize the Authorization endpoint to obtain user approval for a token grant. Spring Cloud Security configures this in a client app as oauth2.client.authorizationUri.
  • /uaa/oauth/check_token the Check Token endpoint (not part of the OAuth2 spec). Can be used to decode a token remotely. Spring Cloud Security configures this in a client app as oauth2.resource.tokenInfoUri.