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Eclipse Integration Common Components

The Eclipse Integration Common Components are a set of plugins and features that are used and consumed by other Eclipse tooling projects at SpringSource. It contains the commonly used parts and provides two individually installable features:

The Spring Dashboard feature brings you up-to-date information about Spring-related projects as well as an easy-to-use extension install to get additional tooling add-ons, like the famous Spring IDE or the Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse.

Both components are usually optional features of the other end-used-oriented tooling projects.


Usually you don't need to install these components directly from this project yourself. They come as part of Spring IDE, the tc Server integration, or the Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse.

However, if you want to install those features yourself, you could use the following update sites manually:

For Eclipse >= 4.7:

- CI builds: 
- Milestone builds:
- Release builds:

Questions and bug reports:

If you have a question that Google can't answer, the best way is to go to the stackoverflow using the tag spring-tool-suite:[`spring-tool-suite`]

Bug reports and enhancement requests are tracked using GitHub issues here:

Developing Eclipse Integration Common Components

Just clone the repo and import the projects into an Eclipse workspace. The easiest way to ensure that your target platform contains all the necessary dependencies, install a CI build into your target platform and proceed.

Test dependencies

If you are not interested in building/running JUnit tests in your development environment then you can skip this step and just close/ignore any plugins that have errors in them.

If you want to build and run tests inside of Eclipse then you'll need to add a few more things to your target platform:

  • TODO: fill this in

Building Eclipse Integration Common Components

The Eclipse Integration Common Components project uses Maven Tycho to do continuous integration builds and to produce p2 repos and update sites. To build the project yourself, you can execute:

mvn -Pe47 -Dmaven.test.skip=true clean install


Common SpringSource components used to integrate tooling with Eclipse, like the SpringSource Dashboard, Eclipse Spring UAA, common framework components and workspace configurators




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