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Can I customize OAuth2AuthenticationEntryPoint in ResourceServerSecurityConfigurer? #375

tianyuanzhonglu opened this Issue Jan 26, 2015 · 10 comments


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tianyuanzhonglu commented Jan 26, 2015

For an invalid access token, InvalidTokenException will occur and output

{"error":"invalid_token","error_description":"Invalid access token: asdfasdf"}

when in json format.

Could I customize the json format, such as

{"code": 123, "error":"invalid_token","error_description":"Invalid access token: asdfasdf"}

? I read the code, But there is no way to set custom OAuth2AuthenticationEntryPoint or OAuth2ExceptionRenderer in ResourceServerSecurityConfigurer.

@tianyuanzhonglu tianyuanzhonglu changed the title from [Suggest] Can we customize OAuth2AuthenticationEntryPoint in ResourceServerSecurityConfigurer? to [Suggest] Can I customize OAuth2AuthenticationEntryPoint in ResourceServerSecurityConfigurer? Jan 26, 2015

@dsyer dsyer changed the title from [Suggest] Can I customize OAuth2AuthenticationEntryPoint in ResourceServerSecurityConfigurer? to Can I customize OAuth2AuthenticationEntryPoint in ResourceServerSecurityConfigurer? Jan 26, 2015

@dsyer dsyer added the Question label Jan 26, 2015


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dsyer commented Jan 26, 2015

ResourceServerSecurityConfigurer has an authenticationEntryPoint() method (I think there were some issues with it up to 2.0.5, so please try a snapshot). You can inject the entry point there and customize its WebResponseExceptionTranslator.


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tianyuanzhonglu commented Jan 27, 2015

@dsyer Thank you very much!


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breakline87 commented Jul 27, 2015


I face the same problem, how can I configure this via xml? I assume it should be somewhere where I configure my resource server with:

<oauth:resource-server id="resourceServerFilter" token-services-ref="tokenServices" />

can I inject it there?

THank you


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tianyuanzhonglu commented Aug 14, 2015


I'm use Annotation, XML maybe the same.


    WebResponseExceptionTranslator exceptionTranslator() {
        return new CustomWebResponseExceptionTranslator();

AuthorizationServer config:

    protected static class AuthorizationServerConfig extends AuthorizationServerConfigurerAdapter {
        public void configure(AuthorizationServerEndpointsConfigurer endpoints) throws Exception {

Custom exception translator:

public class CustomWebResponseExceptionTranslator /*extends DefaultWebResponseExceptionTranslator*/ implements WebResponseExceptionTranslator {

hope it helpful


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nklnandu commented Jan 6, 2016

In which config we need to mention the Custom exception translator in the config.xml


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nklnandu commented Jan 8, 2016

Here is my current code

@bean(name = "exceptionRenderer")
public CustomExceptionRenderer getCustomExceptionRenderer() {
CustomExceptionRenderer customExceptionRenderer = new CustomExceptionRenderer();
return customExceptionRenderer;

@bean(name = "exceptionTranslator")
public CustomExceptionTranslator getWebResponseExceptionTranslator() {
CustomExceptionTranslator customExceptionTranslator = new CustomExceptionTranslator();
return customExceptionTranslator;

@bean(name = "clientAuthenticationEntryPoint")
public CustomOAuth2AuthenticationEntryPoint getClientAuthenticationEntryPoint() throws Exception {
CustomOAuth2AuthenticationEntryPoint customOAuth2AuthenticationEntryPoint = new CustomOAuth2AuthenticationEntryPoint();
return customOAuth2AuthenticationEntryPoint;
How to inject my CustomExceptionTranslator in the TokenPoint during runtime ?

I am always getting the DefaultWebResponseExceptionTranslator class .
Help me to configure my custom translator and set my own error messages in the response.


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breakline87 commented Jan 8, 2016

I found a way to do this. You'll need to classes. First one which extends DefaultOAuth2ExceptionRenderer:

public class MyOauthExceptionRenderer extends DefaultOAuth2ExceptionRenderer {

public MyOauthExceptionRenderer () {

private List<HttpMessageConverter<?>> getMessageConverters() {
    List<HttpMessageConverter<?>> result = new ArrayList<HttpMessageConverter<?>>();
    result.add(new MyOauthMessageConverter());
    return result;


Then you need the class which actually converts the object to your own type. Also in this case I use the MappingJackson2HttpMessageConverter class which basically lets you convert the output to json atuomatically:

public class MyOauthMessageConverter extends MappingJackson2HttpMessageConverter {

protected void writeInternal(Object object, HttpOutputMessage outputMessage) throws IOException, HttpMessageNotWritableException {
    super.writeInternal(transformObject(object), outputMessage);

protected Object transformObject(Object object) {
           //ApiResponse is just my own class, replace it with anything you wanna return
    ApiResponse response = new ApiResponse();
    if(object instanceof OAuth2Exception) {
        //....custom code for OAuth2Exception
    return response;


Hope this helps.


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monkeyk commented Sep 11, 2017


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tomaszzz commented Mar 5, 2018

@dsyer Hi, with the latest release of spring 5.0.0, does anything get simplified for configuring custom response handlers to Authorization exceptions (
I am currently looking into configuring OAuth2AuthenticationEntryPoint to overwrite its ResponseEntity enhanceResponse(ResponseEntity result, Exception authException) method but having a hard time with getting a hold of the default bean s to properly configure it or to replace it.

This is in context of configuring a standalone app that is a ResourceServer which extends its own ResourceServerConfigurerAdapter.


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kpavlov commented Jun 28, 2018

In case of resource server you may inject your ExceptionTranslator like here (code is in Kotlin):

import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration

class OAuth2ResourceServerConfiguration : ResourceServerConfigurerAdapter.ResourceServerConfigurerAdapter() {

    override fun configure(resources: ResourceServerSecurityConfigurer) {
        val authenticationEntryPoint = OAuth2AuthenticationEntryPoint()
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