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This is the entire contents of the website,

What is it for?

Conveying sadness in a URL that is:

  • Broken
  • Contains some kind of mistake
  • Immoral
  • Insert your reasoning for using the site here


I wanted a .at domain. I purchased It was expensive. I no longer have an .at domain.

I switched to a .us domain. I never owned a .us domain. They are cheap. I purchased However, .us domains aren't very cool.

Cheaped out, and now running as a github page using my coveted 4 letter domain name.


The iframe loading will work on nearly all sites except those that use:

  • JS to break out of frames
  • Pass X-Frame-Options deny header
  • Don't actually exist

Finding a workaround for these things is evil.

Also, it's HTML5. Modern browsers only.


I like I like funny things.