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Lets get started with Squidex.

Welcome to Squidex

What is Squidex?

Squidex is a content management hub. A central place to manage all your content.

For example:

  • Dynamic elements for your mobile apps.
  • Blog posts and articles for your website.
  • Configuration data for your backend.
  • Rich and structured data for your application.

In contrast to a traditional CMS, Squidex is headless and does not provide the frontend. This makes you free to choose a technology of your choice to create an awesome User Experience.

How to get started?

I want to start immediately with Squidex Cloud

Read our guide for new users and learn how to publish your first content with Squidex.

{% page-ref page="01-getting-started/" %}

I want to install Squidex on my own (virtual) machines

Follow our installation instructions to install Squidex on your own hardware.

{% page-ref page="01-getting-started/installation/" %}

I want to contribute as a developer or understand the architecture

Check out the contributor guide with instructions how to build, run and extend Squidex.

{% page-ref page="01-getting-started/contributing-and-developing/" %}

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