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ActiveRecord - Titanium Fork

This fork from the ActiveJS allows ActiveRecord support for Titanium Database.

ActiveJS originally supported different adapters up until commit a8cae9979b8caa01bc73. However, after this commit, the codebase was changed quite a bit, and the different adapters were removed. Hence this particular fork begins at commit 1584174, and is modified to support Titanium's Database interface.

I was trying to patch the latest tree but gave up because internally the latest ActiveJS code was changed a lot, especially the ActiveSupport namespace (methods are now separated into ActiveSupport.Object, ActiveSupport.Array, etc. instead of just exposed via ActiveSupport namespace ). I simply did not have the time to reverse-engineer all the changes to get everything working. Since I already had the commit 1584174 patched up nicely, I decided to go with this older version instead.


This library has not been tested for the Android platform, in fact it's failing at the moment. You may get an error similar to this: (reported by Pete)

Location: [2692] in file active_record.js
Message: Too deep recursion while parsing

I will take a look into this issue in the near future.

Download & Usage

Copy the active_record.js to your Titanium project and include it in your code. You can now define the different models and their relationships. Please refer to the Titanium project for more information.

The Titanium Adapter

Since the iPhone's uses SQLite, the adapter was based on the gears.js adapter. However, Titanium.Database.DB.execute function is a wrapper on top of another Objective C's SQLite wrapper, it is particular quite picky and does not support the apply() method. In order for it to work, I had to resort to use eval() to construct the query params. Here's the code excerpt:

executeSQL: function executeSQL(sql)
  var args = ActiveSupport.arrayFrom(arguments);
  ActiveRecord.connection.log("Adapters.Titanium: " + sql + " [" + args.slice(1).join(',') + "]");

  var response;
  if( args.length == 1 ) { 
    response = ActiveRecord.connection.db.execute(sql);
  } else {
    args = args.slice(1);
    var params= [];
    for( var i = 0; i < args.length; i++ ) { 
      if( typeof(args[i]) != 'undefined' )
        params.push('args[' + i + ']');
    var statement = 'response = ActiveRecord.connection.db.execute(sql,' + params.join(',') + ')';
    // ActiveRecord.connection.log('Eval Statement: ' + statement);
    eval( statement );
  return response;

Perfomance-wise the app will take a hit, but in exchange you'll have the power of ActiveRecord at your fingertips.

Test Coverage

Since the code can only work inside a Titanium's environment, the test suite for this fork is located under another Github repository, which is a Titanium project.

The tests are almost a direct copy/paste of the test cases under /text/active_record/. Most of them pass, except for the Finder's tests using callback.


The files in the dist folder are the combined JSs, which can built using a rake task.

rake dist

You will need to have the gem sprocket installed (gem install sprocket).


This patch was done by Alex Le, single-founder of Marrily.com, an online wedding planning service.


This code is provided as-is. Please use it at your own risk.