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siva stand for seekable indexed verifiable archiver

siva is archive format very similar to tar or zip, focused on allowing: constant-time random file access, seekable access to the contained files and concatenable archive files


The library implements a very similar API to the go tar package, allowing full control over and low level access to the contained files.


The recommended way to install siva

go get -u


Creating a siva file:

// Create a buffer to write our archive to.
buf := new(bytes.Buffer)

// Create a new siva archive.
w := siva.NewWriter(buf)

// Add some files to the archive.
var files = []struct {
    Name, Body string
    {"readme.txt", "This archive contains some text files."},
    {"gopher.txt", "Gopher names:\nGeorge\nGeoffrey\nGonzo"},
    {"todo.txt", "Get animal handling license."},
for _, file := range files {
    hdr := &siva.Header{
        Name:    file.Name,
        Mode:    0600,
        ModTime: time.Now(),
    if err := w.WriteHeader(hdr); err != nil {
    if _, err := w.Write([]byte(file.Body)); err != nil {
// Make sure to check the error on Close.
if err := w.Close(); err != nil {

Reading from a siva file:

// Open the siva archive for reading.
file := bytes.NewReader(buf.Bytes())
r := siva.NewReader(file)

// Get all the files in the siva file.
i, err := r.Index()
if err != nil {

// Iterate through the files in the archive.
for _, e := range i {
    content, err := r.Get(e)
    if err != nil {
    fmt.Printf("Contents of %s:\n", e.Name)
    if _, err := io.Copy(os.Stdout, content); err != nil {

Command-line interface

siva cli interface, is a convenient command that helps you to creates and manipulates siva files.

Output from: ./siva --help:

  siva [OPTIONS] <command>

Help Options:
  -h, --help  Show this help message

Available commands:
  list     List the items contained on a file.
  pack     Create a new archive containing the specified items.
  unpack   Extract to disk from the archive.
  version  Show the version information.

Other comments

  • The Index Signature is specified as a sequence of 3 bytes. Go uses byte as an alias for uint8.
  • File Mode in an Index entry, see issue.
  • This implementation left in the client of the library side the task of check the integrity of the file contents. It just checks for the Index integrity.