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React multistep form component
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Responsive React multistep form component

Try it here


React 16.11.x

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To use this module in your app run:

npm install react-multistep

next, import it inside of your app:

const MultiStep = import from ('react-multistep')

Component has only one Prop, 'showNavigation', which controls if the navigation buttons should be visable:

type: boolean (default = true)

It takes an array of objects representing individual steps:

const steps = [
              {name: 'StepOne', component: <StepOne/>},
              {name: 'StepTwo', component: <StepTwo/>},
              {name: 'StepThree', component: <StepThree/>},
              {name: 'StepFour', component: <StepFour/>}
<Multistep showNavigation={true} steps={steps}/>

If you want to try the example, easiest is to clone the repo locally and explore:

git clone   //clone the repo
cd react-multistep                                        //navigate to the project folder

Next, cnavigate to 'src' directory and build the component:

cd src
npm install
npm run build:dev

On succesful build, component is packaged in the './dist' folder. Navigate to the example and build it:

cd ../example
npm install
npm run build:dev

Now you can open the example in your favorite browser:

open index.html
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