Python binding, Tango device server and Taurus gui to access the PicoHarp300 photon counter
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Control Software for the PicoHarp300

This repository contains the infrastructure made to integrate the instrument PicoHarp300 to a Tango control system and provide the user a Taurus interface. There is also an Epics driver.

It is divided in 3 levels. First of all a Cython code to extend and pythonize the c++ library provided by the manufacturer. A second level is a Tango Device Server that will use the python module to access plugged instruments. And finally a Taurus interface to access the Tango Device and provide the user a graphical interface to work with the acquisitions.

In the ALBA Synchrotron we have a calculation device above the acquisition device of the Photon Counter (and can also have as data input an oscilloscope waveform) to measure the Filling Pattern.

More detailed information in the subdiretories:

  • library: the cython code
  • tango-ds: the tango device server
  • taurusgui: the taurus description to launch the gui.