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About allhub

allhub is a REST API library for Github REST API v3 written in python. Currently, this library is under heavy development. Maybe i will cut a release once i am confident that major part of the library covered with tests.


  1. allhub is heavily inspired by Javascript, meaning that you can access the properties on JSON object either object.prop or object["prop"]. I feel the later version is kind of verbose, and I recommend you use the object.prop.

  2. I have seen most of the Github libraries are not covered comprehensively. But this library aims to covers all of REST API v3.

  3. I have designed this library keeping programmer ergonomics in mind, so that you create only one object to access any of the API.


Apache License 2.0 MIT

in case you need some other license, please let me know.


from allhub import AllHub
allhub = AllHub(
response = allhub.xxxxxxxxx()


allhub requires some love. Currently, unit tests are almost non existent. Love to take the coverage to 100%. But I am severely limited by time and priorities. If someone wants to send unit tests, please fork and send the patch away.

You are more than welcome.