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Advanced Analytics with Spark Source Code

Code to accompany Advanced Analytics with Spark, by Sandy Ryza, Uri Laserson, Sean Owen, and Josh Wills.

Advanced Analytics with Spark

2nd Edition (current)

The source to accompany the 2nd edition is found in this, the default master branch.

1st Edition

The source to accompany the 1st edition may be found in the 1st-edition branch.


Apache Maven 3.2.5+ and Java 8+ are required to build. From the root level of the project, run mvn package to compile artifacts into target/ subdirectories beneath each chapter's directory.

Running the Examples

  • Install Apache Spark for your platform, following the instructions for the latest release.
  • Build the projects according the instructions above.
  • Launch the driver program using spark-submit
# working directory should be your Apache Spark installation root
bin/spark-submit /path/to/code/aas/$CHAPTER/target/$CHAPTER-jar-with-dependencies-$VERSION.jar
  • Some examples might require that URI paths to the data be updated to your own HDFS or local filesystem locations.

Data Sets

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