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Secure Scuttlebutt Consortium

A distributed and secure peer to peer social network


  1. scuttlebutt-protocol-guide scuttlebutt-protocol-guide Public

    Protocol documentation for Secure Scuttlebutt

    HTML 221 31

  2. sips sips Public

    Secure Scuttlebutt Implementation Protocols

    HTML 19 5

  3. Public

    ssb handbook: A guide to the Secure Scuttlebutt key concepts and influences (see also, new website:

    CSS 165 50

  4. ssb-db2 ssb-db2 Public

    A new database for secure-scuttlebutt

    JavaScript 42 7

  5. go-ssb-room go-ssb-room Public

    Room server implemented in Go

    Go 178 36

  6. ssb-uri-rs ssb-uri-rs Public

    Utilities for recognising and converting Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) URIs

    Rust 5 2


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