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1 Introduction

Zero is a handy web framework based on koa.js. It improves your application development greatly by providing a bahavior-based module system, which makes module more reusable, and plenty of ready-to-use community modules.

2 Quick start

Let's try to install a blog system twenty based on zero.

>  npm install zero -g
>  zero new blog
>  cd blog
>  zero install twenty

...waiting for twenty install...

>  cp modules/twenty/config.sample.js modules/twenty/config.js
>  node app

For further information to use the blog, please visit

Developer are strongly suggested to install dev tool(it is a module too) to explore the system.

>  zero install dev //at root of your application

Simply visit http://localhost:3000/dev/index.html to open dev tool. You should see something like this:


Zero dev tool is very powerful, you can checkout model definitions, mock any request to view the event fire stack and even edit event handler's code at real-time. Try it you self!

Other awesome modules(or package) to play with:

  • Nine A GTD application integrated with tomato clock. Remember remove twenty before install this one, this module use multiple user system which may conflict with twenty.
  • Color A simple application for you to create your own color wall. Conflict with twenty too.

You may notice that there's no difference between a module and a application package, so mostly different application can exist at same time.

3 basic usage

3.1 Creating application

Run zero new <app_name> in any directory.

3.2 Installing zero module

Simply execute zero install <module_name> in root of you application.

3.3 Creating zero module

Zero module follow the standard npm package rules, the only restrict is that you should name your module name start with zero- in package.json.

3.4 Using other zero module as dependency

Declare zero dependency in package.json like:


When zero start, module's instance will be passed to its dependency's expand method, so extra behavior can be extend to it. Visit to checkout available module's and their usage.

4 developer guide

We strongly suggest you explore the code of twenty, which used the most of zero popular modules. And try to install zero dev tool to see the real advantage of using zero. Some step by step guide are list below:

5 I18n

We need your PR for docs of other languages!


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