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OpenSGX: An open platform for Intel SGX

Environments & Prerequisites

  • Tested: Ubuntu 14.04-15.04, Arch
  • Requisite
$ apt-get build-dep qemu
$ apt-get install libelf-dev

$ yum-builddep qemu
  • Compilation
Compile QEMU
$ cd qemu
$ ./configure-arch
$ make -j $(nproc)

Back to opensgx/
$ cd ..

Compile sgx library
$ make -C libsgx

Compile user-level code
$ make -C user

Run your first OpenSGX program

  • Take user/demo/hello.c as an example.
#include <sgx-lib.h>
#include <stdio.h>

void enclave_main()
    char *hello = "hello sgx"\n";
$ ./opensgx -k
generate sign.key
$ ./opensgx -c user/demo/hello.c
generate hello.sgx
$ ./opensgx -s user/demo/hello.sgx --key sign.key
generate hello.conf
$ ./opensgx user/demo/hello.sgx user/demo/hello.conf
run the program
$ ./opensgx -i user/demo/hello.sgx user/demo/hello.conf
run the program with counting the number of executed guest instructions

Debugging using GDB

  • Run target in the backgroud with debug option
$ ./opensgx -d 1234 user/demo/hello.sgx user/demo/hello.conf &
  • Attach remote gdb on target port
gdb user/sgx-runtime
(gdb) target remote localhost:1234
Remote debugging using localhost:1234
[New Remote target]
Reading symbols from /lib64/ debugging symbols found)...done.
Loaded symbols for /lib64/
[Switching to Remote target]
0x0000004000802190 in ?? () from /lib64/
(gdb) b sgx-runtime.c:63
Breakpoint 1 at 0x401a80: file sgx-runtime.c, line 63.
(gdb) c

Breakpoint 1, 0x0000000000401a80 in main ()
  • Find text section offset
$ readelf -S user/demo/hello.sgx | grep text
  [ 2] .text             PROGBITS         0000000050000110  00000110
  • In gdb, add symbol file by specifying text section offset
(gdb) add-symbol-file user/demo/hello.sgx 0x0000000050000110
add symbol table from file "user/demo/hello.sgx" at
	.text_addr = 0x50000110
(y or n) y
Reading symbols from /home/mingwei/gatech/opensgx_test/user/demo/hello.sgx...done.
  • Set break point on enclave binary and start debugging!
(gdb) b enclave_main 
Breakpoint 2 at 0x50000110
(gdb) c

Breakpoint 2, 0x0000000050000110 in enclave_main ()


$ cd user
$ ./ test/simple
$ ./ --help
[usage] ./ [option]... [binary]
-a|--all  : test all cases
-h|--help : print help
--perf|--performance-measure : measure SGX emulator performance metrics
 test/exception-div-zero.c     :  An enclave test case for divide by zero exception.
 test/fault-enclave-access.c   :  An enclave test case for faulty enclave access.
 test/simple-aes.c             :  An enclave test case for simple encryption/decryption using openssl library.
 test/simple-attest.c          :  test network send
test/simple.c                 :  The simplest enclave enter/exit.
 test/simple-func.c            :  The simplest function call inside the enclave.
 test/simple-getkey.c          :  hello world
 test/simple-global.c          :  The simplest enclave which accesses a global variable
 test/simple-hello.c           :  Hello world enclave program.
 test/simple-network.c         :  test network recv
 test/simple-openssl.c         :  test openssl api
 test/simple-quote.c           :  test network recv
 test/simple-recv.c            :  An enclave test case for sgx_recv.
 test/simple-send.c            :  An enclave test case for sgx_send.
 test/simple-sgxlib.c          :  An enclave test case for sgx library.
 test/simple-stack.c           :  The simplest enclave enter/exit with stack.
 test/stub.c                   :  An enclave test case for stub & trampoline interface.
 test/stub-malloc.c            :  An enclave test case for using heap
 test/stub-realloc.c           :  An enclave test case for sgx_realloc


  • QEMU side

    • qemu/target-i386/helper.h : Register sgx helper functions (sgx_encls, sgx_enclu, ...).
    • qemu/target-i386/cpu.h : Add sgx-specific cpu registers (see refs-rev2 5.1.4).
    • qemu/target-i386/translate.c : Emulates enclave mode memory access semantics.
    • qemu/target-i386/sgx.h : Define sgx and related data structures.
    • qemu/target-i386/sgx-dbg.h : Define debugging function.
    • qemu/target-i386/sgx-utils.h : Define utils functions.
    • qemu/target-i386/sgx-perf.h : Performance evaluation.
    • qemu/target-i386/sgx_helper.c: Implement sgx instructions.
  • SGX Library

    • libsgx/sgx-entry.c : Define enclave binary entry point.
    • libsgx/musl-libc/ : Customized libc library (based on musl libc).
    • libsgx/polarssl/ : Customized ssl library (based on polarssl).
  • User side

    • user/sgx-kern.c : Emulates kernel-level functions.
    • user/sgx-user.c : Emulates user-level functions.
    • user/sgx-utils.c : Implements utils functions.
    • user/sgx-signature.c : Implements crypto related functions.
    • user/sgx-runtime.c : sgx runtime.
    • user/include/ : Headers.
    • user/conf/ : Configuration files.
    • user/test/ : Test cases.
    • user/demo/ : Demo case.


We are more than happy to see any comments or feedback, as to improve this project. To make contributions and take part in the project, there are several ways you can do:

  • Report bugs. Could either directly send us email or, even better, create an issue on github site. We will try our hard to take care of any report.
  • Send patches. Could directly send us pull requests for minor changes. For larger changes, please contact us offline so we can discuss in more detail.

We specially appreciate those who actively make contributions to the project:

  • Jon Gjengset
  • Jethro Beekman
  • Patrick Bridges
  • John D. Ramsdell


Email: OpenSGX team.


NOTE. All authors at Gatech and KAIST equally contributed to the project


  • Paper on OpenSGX: please use the citation below as the canonical reference to OpenSGX
OpenSGX: An Open Platform for SGX Research
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  • Papers that use OpenSGX:
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