Ansible role to deploy Mellanox UFM Infiniband fabric manager in a Docker container
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Mellanox UFM Infiniband Fabric Manager

This role can be used to configure a Mellanox UFM Infiniband fabric manager running in a Docker container.

Tooling to build a compatible container image is provided on Github <>.


The host executing the role has the following requirements:

  • Docker engine
  • Python docker >= 2.0.0

Role Variables

  • mlnx_ufm_action: Action to perform. One of build, deploy, destroy, pull, reconfigure, upgrade. Defaults to deploy.
  • mlnx_ufm_enabled: Whether UFM is enabled. Defaults to true.
  • mlnx_ufm_image: Docker image name. Required.
  • mlnx_ufm_tag: Docker image tag. Defaults to latest.
  • mlnx_ufm_image_full: Full docker image specification.
  • mlnx_ufm_restart_policy: Docker restart policy for the UFM container. Defaults to unless-stopped.
  • mlnx_ufm_restart_retries: Number of Docker restarts. Defaults to 10.
  • mlnx_ufm_startup_config_path: Path to a script template on localhost containing startup configuration. Default is /etc/mlnx-ufm/mlnx-ufm-configure.
  • mlnx_ufm_licenses_path: Path to a directory on localhost containing Mellanox UFM licenses. Default is /etc/mlnx-ufm/licenses.
  • mlnx_ufm_config_path: Path to a directory on the remote host to store configuration. Default is /etc/mlnx-ufm.

The following variables are relevant only when mlnx_ufm_action is build:

  • mlnx_ufm_repo_url: URL of the git repo containing the image. Default is
  • mlnx_ufm_repo_version: Version to check out for the git repo containing the image. Default is master.
  • mlnx_ufm_repo_checkout_path: Path to a directory in which to check out the git repo. Default is /tmp.
  • mlnx_ufm_version: Version of the UFM software. This must be set to build the image.
  • mlnx_ufm_tarball_url: URL of the UFM software tarball. This must be set to build the image.
  • mlnx_ufm_ofed_repo_url: URL of the OFED package repository. This must be set to build the image.
  • mlnx_ufm_push: Whether to push images after they have been built. Default is false.
  • mlnx_ufm_force_rebuild: Whether to build the image even if an image of the same name and tag exists. Default is false.



Example Playbook

The following playbook configures Mellanox UFM.

- hosts: mlnx-ufm
    - role: mlnx-ufm

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