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Jason Stajich Lab at UC Riverside

Evolutionary Genomics of Fungi projects, data and software

These repositories for the Stajich laboratory at UC Riverside focused on Genomics, Bioinformatics, Evolution of (mostly) Fungi and Microbes.

See our Standard Operating Procedures are (in progress) documentation on procedures and onboarding.


  1. PHYling PHYling Public

    Unified PHYling pipeline for species tree building from annotated genomes (see and for assembly and annotation steps)

    Python 3 3

  2. AAFTF AAFTF Public

    Automatic Assembly For The Fungi

    Python 19 4

  3. SOP_data SOP_data Public

    Standard Operating Procedures

  4. funannotate_template funannotate_template Public template

    Project template for doing a funannotate annotation set

    Shell 1

  5. PopGenomics_template PopGenomics_template Public template

    Template for Population Genomics variant calling

    R 2

  6. Comparative_pipeline Comparative_pipeline Public

    Comparative genomics pipeline

    Perl 7 5


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