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An HTML5 Boilerplate-based landing page template
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Inspired by KissMetrics’ Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page
Built with HTML5 Boilerplate
With lovely gradient buttons from Web Designer Wall
And placeholder icons and images from Glyphish

Convert-o-matic is a landing page template inspired by KissMetrics’ article “Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page.” And by “inspired”, I mean a nearly one-for-one translation of the best practices described there into a customizable HTML5 landing page template.

Get Started Now for FREE

  • Clone the repo or download everything as a .zip file
  • Customize to your heart’s content
  • Start getting that CASH MONEY

Learn More

Convert-o-matic comes with everything you need to crank out a landing page for your product or service in seconds.

Open up index.html and replace all of the placeholder content with your own.

You can easily change color schemes by appending classes to the body. Try customizing:

  • Button and link styles (orange, black, gray, white, red, blue, green, pink, rose)
  • Main CTA background style (orangebg, blackbg, graybg, whitebg, redbg, bluebg, greenbg, pinkbg, rosebg)
  • Adding a gradient to the CTA background with the ‘gradient’ body class
  • Altering the entire layout to a more open style with the ‘whitespaced’ body class

So, for example, you’ll end up with a lovely dark, gradiated CTA area with green buttons and links if you class your body like so:

<body class="blackbg gradient green">

There’s also a sample whitespaced.html file that demonstrates what that option looks like. It contains a few super-minor adjustments that work better with the “whitespaced” layout option.

Also included are a few .psd files used for the placeholder images so you can drop your own assets into the landing page with a minimum of effort.

Try it TODAY!

Check out the normal layout and the ‘whitespaced’ layout

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