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= Swedish Rails

Swedish Rails is a plugin that aims to make web applications in Swedish easier.
Since Rails comes with a great many defaults for text in english, it's only fair
to have some support for other languages too. This plugin doesn't just create some
fairly good swedish defaults; it also establishes what needs to be changed for
a rails application to get good defaults in other languages.

By default it also includes a filter that makes all your dynamic code return
a Content-Type header with UTF-8. It makes sure to not clobber other mime-types,
but if the Content-Type matches /^(\w+)\/(\w+)$/ a charset will be appended to this

You can choose - through the $lang variable - if you want to run this plugin or not.
If $lang matches /^sv/, everything will be changed, otherwise only the ContentTypeFilter
will run.

All language-specific code can be found under the name 'sv/' in different files 
depending on functionality. A further step would be to create a generic language
plugin which loads these files with require "#{$lang}/xyz".

This plugin right now provides new inflections, but these are only added to the
pluralize-method. That is, the rest of the inflections work with english. This
plugin doesn't provide a way to actually have your database tables and models
named in swedish. Just the helpers for output have this support.

Some of the core classes are patched. Integer ordinals are in Swedish. Array#to_sentence
are in Swedish. All month and weekday names have been updated, so using strftime
or to_s on these classes provide Swedish output. The helper method
distance_of_time_in_words outputs Swedish. So does boolean attributes on models.
ActiveRecords default validation messages have also been translated.

== Installation

As a git submodule (makes it easy to update):
git-submodule add git://github.com/daniel/swe_rails.git vendor/plugins/swe_rails

Author: Ola Bini <ola.bini@ki.se>
Distribution: http://opensource.ki.se/swe_rails.html
Subversion: http://svn.ki.se/rails/plugins/swe_rails