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The fastest way to get a BUCC (BOSH, UAA Credhub and Concourse)
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BUCC (BOSH, UAA, Credhub and Concourse) BUCC CI

The bucc command line utility allows for easy bootstrapping of the BUCC stack (Bosh Uaa Credhub and Concourse). Which is the starting point for many deployments.

Install the bucc-cli

Prepare the Environment

  1. Install BOSH CLI v2.0.1+

  2. Optionall install direnv

  3. Clone this repository

git clone
cd bucc
source .envrc # if not using direnv

Boot your BUCC VM

Choose your cpi:

bucc up --help
  --cpi    Cloud provider: [aws, gcp, virtualbox, azure, softlayer, openstack, vsphere, docker]
  --lite   Created bosh will use the warden cpi with garden runc
  --debug  Show arguments passed to 'bosh create-env'

  Optional cpi specific flags:
    azure: --managed-disks
    gcp: --service-account
    softlayer: --cpi-dynamic
    openstack: --custom-ca --disk-az --dns --ignore-server-availability-zone --keystone-v2 --ntp --root-disk-size --trusted-certs
    vsphere: --dns --resource-pool
    docker: --unix-sock

From the repo root run:

$ bucc up --lite

To delete your VM run:

$ bucc down

Using BUCC

Using BOSH

$ source <(bucc env) # should not be necessary when using direnv

$ bosh alias-env bucc
  Using environment '' as client 'admin'

  Name      Bosh
  UUID      3e107016-3fc2-40af-8ac5-8e53025d53f3
  Version   260.5.0 (00000000)
  CPI       virtualbox_cpi
  Features  compiled_package_cache: disabled
            dns: disabled
            snapshots: disabled
  User      admin


$ bosh vms
  Using environment '' as client 'admin'


Using UAA

  1. Install the cli
gem install cf-uaac
  1. Use UAA
$ bucc uaac

  Context: uaa_admin, from client uaa_admin

  Successfully fetched token via client credentials grant.
  Context: uaa_admin, from client uaa_admin

$ uaac client get admin
  scope: uaa.none
  client_id: admin
  resource_ids: none
  authorized_grant_types: client_credentials
  authorities: bosh.admin
  lastmodified: 1490280436993

Using Credhub

$ source <(bucc env) # should not be necessary when using direnv

$ credhub api

$ credhub generate -t password --name test
  Type:          password
  Name:          /test
  Value:         Nfjbu0HKKI9eHmbGY6hNLjssDphpdO
  Updated:       2017-03-23T14:49:03Z

Using Concourse

Via the GUI

To get the login details for your concourse GUI run:

bucc info

With Fly

$ bucc fly

  target saved

$ fly -t bucc pipelines
  name  paused  public

Backup & Restore

BUCC works with BBR.

To make a backup of you deployed BUCC vm, run:

bucc bbr backup

To recreate your environment from a backup run:

cd bucc
last_backup=$(find . -type d -regex ".+_.+Z" | sort -r | head -n1)
tar -xf ${last_backup}/bosh-0-bucc-creds.tar -C state
bucc up # clean BUCC with credentials (creds.yml) from backup
bucc bbr restore --artifact-path=${last_backup}
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