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Automated User Interface Testing for Set-Top Boxes & Smart TVs

  • Copyright © 2013-2019 Ltd, 2012-2014 YouView TV Ltd. and other contributors.
  • License: LGPL v2.1 or (at your option) any later version (see LICENSE).

Stb-tester issues commands to the device-under-test in the same way a real user does (typically using an infrared remote control).

Stb-tester then checks the behaviour of the device-under-test by analysing the device's video output.

For an overview of stb-tester's capabilities, see the videos at

Testcases are written in the Python programming language. They look like this:

def test_that_i_can_tune_to_bbc_one_from_the_guide():"KEY_EPG")
    stbt.wait_for_match("BBC One.png")

See the Python API documentation for more details.

For commercial support and turn-key test rigs, see

To build your own test rig hardware, and for community-supported documentation and mailing list, see the wiki, in particular Getting Started.