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StdLib Python Bindings
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StdLib Python Bindings

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Basic Python bindings for StdLib service accession. Python 2.x and 3.x supported.

Used to interface with services built using StdLib and the StdLib Command Line Tools.

The lib package is available on PyPI: lib and operates as zero-dependency interface to run StdLib functions. This means that you can utilize any service on StdLib without installing any additional dependencies, and when you've deployed services to StdLib, you have a pre-built Python SDK --- for example;

from lib import lib

    result = lib.yourUsername.hostStatus(name='Dolores Abernathy')
except RuntimeError as err:
    # handle error

To discover StdLib services, visit To build a service, get started with the StdLib CLI tools.


To install in an existing Python project;

$ pip install lib


from lib import lib

# [1]: Call "utils.reflect" function, the latest version, from StdLib
result = lib.utils.reflect(key='value')
result = lib.utils.reflect({'key': 'value'}) # also works
result = lib.utils.reflect('value') # also works, if first parameter is "key"

# [2]: Call "utils.reflect" function from StdLib, with "dev" environment
result = lib.utils.reflect['@dev'](key='value')

# [3]: Call "utils.reflect" function from StdLib, with "release" environment
#      This is equivalent to (1)
result = lib.utils.reflect['@release'](key='value')

# [4]: Call "utils.reflect" function from StdLib, with specific version
#      This is equivalent to (1)
result = lib.utils.reflect['@0.0.1'](key='value')

# [5]: Call functions within the service (not just the defaultFunction)
#      This is equivalent to (1) when "main" is the default function
result = lib.utils.reflect.main(key='value')

# Valid string composition from first object property only:
result = lib['utils.reflect'](key='value')
result = lib['utils.reflect[@dev]'](key='value')
result = lib['utils.reflect[@release]'](key='value')
result = lib['utils.reflect[@0.0.1]'](key='value')
result = lib['utils.reflect.main'](key='value')
result = lib['utils.reflect[@dev].main'](key='value')
result = lib['utils.reflect[@release].main'](key='value')
result = lib['utils.reflect[@0.0.1].main'](key='value')

Sending File Data

In order to send file parameters, in Python 2.7 or 3.6, simply use;


Where parameter is the parameter name expecting a file type (type "buffer" as listed on StdLib).

Additional Information

To learn more about StdLib, visit or read the StdLib CLI documentation on GitHub.

You can follow the development team on Twitter, @StdLibHQ

StdLib is © 2016 - 2017 Polybit Inc.

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