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Signed-off-by: Stefan Hajnoczi <stefanha@gmail.com>
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C(o o)O     C H U N K Y   M O N K E Y
  (.)   \
 w====m==|       minecraft server

Chunky Monkey is a Minecraft Alpha multiplayer server.  It is licensed under
the MIT open source license, please see the LICENSE file for more information.

Website: http://github.com/stefanha/chunkymonkey
Contact: Stefan Hajnoczi <stefanha@gmail.com>


Chunky Monkey is currently in early development and does not yet run games.


The Go toolchain must be installed.  For more information, see:


$ cd nbt && make && cd ..
$ make


Serve up a single player world:

$ ./chunkymonkey ~/.minecraft/saves/World1
2010/10/03 16:32:13 Listening on  :25565


For debugging it is often useful to record a player's actions and replay them
one or more times later.  This makes it possible to simulate multiplayer games
without having real people logging in.

To record a session:

$ ./chunkymonkey --record player.log ~/.minecraft/saves/World1

To replay a session:

$ ./chunkymonkey --replay player.log ~/.minecraft/saves/World1 &
$ java -jar Minecraft.jar  # start the first player (real human)
$ nc localhost 25565       # start the second player (replay from log file)

The recorded player will start when the second client connects to the server.
Use netcat or a similar tool to start an otherwise idle TCP connection to the