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mySlider is yet another jQuery slideshow plugin, initially designed to slide through absolutely positioned widescreen background images inside a fixed height HTML block, and then readapted to also fit responsive layouts.


  • jQuery 1.8.3 (it most likely works on older versions but I haven't tested it)



  1. Add slideshow-container class to the block you want to add the slideshow to.
  2. Append a child with slideshow class to the block.
  3. Put your slides blocks ( default class is slide ) inside the slideshow block;
<div class="slideshow-container">
	<div class="slideshow">
		<div class="slide">
			<img src="slide1.jpg" alt="">
		<div class="slide">
			<img src="slide2.jpg" alt="">
		<div class="slide">
			<img src="slide3.jpg" alt="">

Note: you should be able to use any tag instead of <div> but it depends on your reset styles


Just call the plugin on the slideshow element.


You can pass the classic JSON to mySlider() with some options. They are quite self explanatory:

    interval:           5000,
    speed:              1000,
    slideSelector:      '.slide',
    autoStart:          true,
    controls:           true,
    fadeControls:       true,
    pauseOnHover:       false,
    pager:              true

Using the slideshow as a background

You can append/prepend any content inside the slideshow-container element and absolutely position it to make the slideshow block behave as an animated background.


Copyright and license

Copyright 2013 Stefano Torresi

Released under the MIT license. You can find a copy of this license in LICENSE.txt or at:


Most of the code is inspired by Twitter Bootstrap's Carousel