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This project is intended to provide a Java WebSocket class similar to the standard W3C WebSocket class found in browsers. While it is just standard Java, I wrote it for an Android app and have geared it in that direction.

The client implements draft76 (currently this is what the browsers support) and draft03 (which is newer but as yet not implemented by mainstream browsers). I intend to track the draft03 work with how the spec evolves.

The companion to this project is node-websocket-handler (, which provides WebSocket handling in a node.js environment.


Unlike a simple protocol abstraction class, this implementation is thread-aware and was built to operate in a GUI environment where all IO should happen off of the main event thread. Thread marshalling is all built-in just as in the W3C WebSocket API it was modeled after.

I ended up doing blocking IO instead of using NIO for a couple of reasons:

  • On Android, everything uses the blocking model with worker threads anyway
  • Implementing NIO-based SSL is a royal PITA
  • For a client, there isn't going to be much saved (if anything) to offset the complexity


This project is not yet done and I don't recommend using it just yet.