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SEP: 0009
Title: Standard KYC Fields
Status: Active
Created: 2018-07-27
Updated: 2021-05-19
Version 1.3.2

Simple Summary

This SEP defines a list of standard KYC and AML fields for use in Stellar ecosystem protocols. Issuers, banks, and other entities on Stellar should use these fields when sending or requesting KYC / AML information with other parties on Stellar. This is an evolving list, so please suggest any missing fields that you use.

This is a list of possible fields that may be necessary to handle many different use cases, there is no expectation that any particular fields be used for a particular application. The best fields to use in a particular case is determined by the needs of the KYC or AML application.


ISO encodings are used for fields wherever possible. The table below lists the encodings used for different types of information.

Field Type Number of characters Format / Encoding
language 2 ISO 639-1
country 3 ISO 3166-1 alpha-3
date 10 ISO 8601 date-only format
phone number varies E.164
occupation 3 ISCO08

Field Naming Conventions

Where possible we use field names from Words are separated with underlines as that convention has previously been established in Stellar protocols.

Dot Notation

Field names should always be used as strings. For example:

	"": "Stellar Development Foundation"

The dot notation is not an indication that the fields described should be contained in a nested object under a top-level key.

KYC / AML Fields

Natural Person KYC fields

Name Type Description
family_name or last_name string Family or last name
given_name or first_name string Given or first name
additional_name string Middle name or other additional name
address_country_code country code country code for current address
state_or_province string name of state/province/region/prefecture
city string name of city/town
postal_code string Postal or other code identifying user's locale
address string Entire address (country, state, postal code, street address, etc...) as a multi-line string
mobile_number phone number Mobile phone number with country code, in E.164 format
email_address string Email address
birth_date date Date of birth, e.g. 1976-07-04
birth_place string Place of birth (city, state, country; as on passport)
birth_country_code country code ISO Code of country of birth
bank_account_number string Number identifying bank account
bank_number string Number identifying bank in national banking system (routing number in US)
bank_phone_number string Phone number with country code for bank
bank_branch_number string Number identifying bank branch
tax_id string Tax identifier of user in their country (social security number in US)
tax_id_name string Name of the tax ID (SSN or ITIN in the US)
occupation number Occupation ISCO code
employer_name string Name of employer
employer_address string Address of employer
language_code language code primary language
id_type string passport, drivers_license, id_card, etc...
id_country_code country code country issuing passport or photo ID as ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code
id_issue_date date ID issue date
id_expiration_date date ID expiration date
id_number string Passport or ID number
photo_id_front binary Image of front of user's photo ID or passport
photo_id_back binary Image of back of user's photo ID or passport
notary_approval_of_photo_id binary Image of notary's approval of photo ID or passport
ip_address string IP address of customer's computer
photo_proof_residence binary Image of a utility bill, bank statement or similar with the user's name and address

Organization KYC fields

Name Type Description string Full organiation name as on the incorporation papers
organization.VAT_number string Organization VAT number
organization.registration_number string Organization registration number
organization.registered_address string Organization registered address
organization.number_of_shareholders number Organization shareholder number
organization.shareholder_name string Can be an organization or a person and should be queried recursively up to the ultimate beneficial owners (with KYC information for natural persons such as above)
organization.photo_incorporation_doc binary Image of incorporation documents
organization.photo_proof_adress binary Image of a utility bill, bank statement with the organization's name and address
organization.address_country_code country code country code for current address
organization.state_or_province string name of state/province/region/prefecture string name of city/town
organization.postal_code string Postal or other code identifying organization's locale
organization.director_name string Organization registered managing director (the rest of the information should be queried as an individual using the fields above) string Organization website string Organization contact email string Organization contact phone


Address formatting varies widely from country to country and even within each country. See here for details. Rather than attempting to create a field for each possible part of an address in every country, this protocol takes a middle of the road approach. Address fields that are fairly universal can be encoded with the country_code, state_or_province, city, and postal_code fields. Full addresses, however, should be encoded as a single multi-line string in the address field. This allows any address in the world to be represented with a limited number of fields. If address parsing is necessary, parsing will be easier since the country, city, and postal code are already separate fields.