Capturability-based walking pattern generation over uneven terrains
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Capturability-based WPG with variable CoM height

Source code for

Getting started


The following instructions were verified on Ubuntu 14.04:

  • Install OpenRAVE: here are instructions for Ubuntu 14.04 as well as for Ubuntu 16.04
  • Install Python dependencies: sudo apt-get install cython python python-dev python-pip python-scipy
  • Install the QP solver for Python: sudo pip install quadprog

Finally, clone this repository and its submodules via:

git clone --recursive


If you plan on trying out IPOPT, you will need to install CasADi. Although pre-compiled binaries are available, it is better to build it from source, making sure to configure it with the MA27 linear solver.


Feel free to post your questions or comments in the issue tracker. See also the Q & A section on the paper's web page.