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3D walking pattern generation by NMPC of the floating-base pendulum model
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3D walking by NMPC of the floating-base pendulum

Source code for


The following instructions were tested on Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04.

  • Install OpenRAVE: here are instructions for Ubuntu 14.04 as well as for Ubuntu 16.04

  • Install Python and related dependencies: sudo apt-get install cython python python-dev python-pip python-scipy python-shapely

  • Install Python packages: sudo pip install pycddlib quadprog pyclipper

  • Install CasADi. Pre-compiled binaries are available, but I recommend you build it from source. When installing IPOPT, make sure to install the MA27 linear solver (ThirdParty/HSL folder).

  • Install TOPP:

git clone
cd TOPP && mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install

Finally, clone this repository and its submodule via:

git clone --recursive

If you already have pymanoid installed on your system, make sure to clone submodules and run the script from this repository (so that it uses the submodule rather than system-wide pymanoid version).


Run the main script via:

  • ./ -e for the elliptic staircase scenario
  • ./ -r for a regular staircase


Feel free to post your questions or comments in the issue tracker.

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