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Build multi-page documentation with Rustdoc.

Please note this is a mirror of https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/tree/master/src/tools/rustbook , so issues should be filed on the language tracker.

Build Status

Acquiring and building

git clone https://github.com/steveklabnik/rustbook.git
cd rustbook
cargo build


The rustbook tool builds a book from a number of separate markdown files. The contents of the book are determined by a SUMMARY.md file like:

# Summary

* [Why to use WhizBang](why/README.md)
    * [First reason](why/first.md)
    * [Second reason](why/second.md)
* [How to use WhizBang](how/README.md)
    * [Installing](how/installing.md)
    * [Usage](how/usage.md)

The setup is intended to make it easy to browse a book directly on GitHub:

  • By convention, each chapter/section with children is placed in its own subdirectory, with a README.md serving as the top level of the chapter/section.

  • Books automatically include an Introduction section pointing to the README.md in the root directory.

To build a book, run rustbook build in the book's root directory, which should contain a SUMMARY.md and README.md as just described. Currently, the output is always placed in a _book subdirectory.