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open Scanf
open Printf
let solve case =
let n, m, s, t = scanf "%d %d %d %d\n" (fun x y z t -> (x, y, z, t)) in
let adj = Array.make n [] in
for i = 1 to m do
let u, v, w = scanf "%d %d %d\n" (fun x y z -> (x, y, z)) in
adj.(u) <- (v, w) :: adj.(u);
adj.(v) <- (u, w) :: adj.(v)
(* SPFA algorithm *)
let dist = Array.make n max_int in
let in_queue = Array.make n false in
let q = Queue.create () in
dist.(s) <- 0;
Queue.add s q;
in_queue.(s) <- true;
while not (Queue.is_empty q) do
let u = Queue.pop q in
in_queue.(u) <- false;
if dist.(u) = max_int then () else
adj.(u) |> List.iter (fun (v, w) ->
if dist.(u) + w < dist.(v) then begin
dist.(v) <- dist.(u) + w;
if not in_queue.(v) then begin
Queue.add v q;
in_queue.(v) <- true
printf "Case #%d: " case;
if dist.(t) = max_int then printf "unreachable\n"
else printf "%d\n" dist.(t)
let () =
let tc = scanf "%d\n" (fun x -> x) in
for i = 1 to tc do solve i done