A network collaborative editing platform written in Python
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A network collaborative editing platform written in Python.

This was a project we did in ENGR 2510 Software Design course, Spring 2010.

Team members were:

How to install

  1. Install these Python libraries: pyro wx

  2. Run pyro nameserver

    see info on how to use pyro-ns commandhere

  3. Get IP address listed on 4th line: URI is: ....

  4. Enter IP address default_ns_host value in RemoteObject.py (line 9)

    (this should have been a commandline argument but...)

  5. Run PypadServer.py from command line. Add parameter -v if you want verbose output

  6. Run PypadClient.py.

  7. Repeat step 5 as many times as desired on any computer on the local network.

Technical details

Look at the source code or look at our technical report here. Be mindful that it was written by then college sophomores and first-years :)