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There has always been the need for Microsoft MVPs to manage their community activities in an easier way. The online portal works fine, but having a similar thing in your pocket to create activities on the fly is what we really need. Which is what this project is for!

The idea here is that with a great community full of Xamarin / Microsoft MVPs it shouldn't be too hard to come up with something fancy, right? Since it would have to happen in a somewhat streamlined fashion though it would be nice to focus the work in a single GitHub repo, which is what you see here.

How do I contribute?

First of all, let's discuss things! I've made issues for a lot of the features I would personally like to see within the realm of current possibilities. However, my opinions should not be leading here! Feel free to discuss in the existing isses, make new issues/features etc. etc. If you want to pitch in with code, simply take a look at the issues currently filed, which should contain some of the basic functionalities the app should be able to perform. Does one of them appeal to you? Go ahead and pick it up, let us know and submit a PR when you're done!



There is a current MVP API made available at: I'm sure there are wrappers out there already or maybe we could roll our own simple one. It exposes methods for the following:

  • GET GetContributionAreas
  • GET GetContributionById
  • GET GetContributions
  • GET GetContributionTypes
  • POST PostContribution
  • PUT PutContribution
  • DELETE DeleteContribution
  • GET GetOnlineIdentities
  • GET GetOnlineIdentitiesByNominationsId
  • POST PostOnlineIdentity
  • PUT PutOnlineIdentity
  • DELETE DeleteOnlineIdentity
  • GET GetMVPProfile
  • GET GetMVPProfileById
  • GET GetMVPProfileImage
  • GET GetSharingPreferences
  • GET GetCurrentQuestions
  • GET GetAnswers
  • POST SaveAnswers
  • POST SubmitAnswers

From this the following basic functionalities can be distilled:

  • Manage contributions (delete, update, add)
  • Manage your online identities
  • View your own profile (not edit unfortunately)
  • Save or submit answers to MVP renewal questions

Some other nice to haves we could come up with:

  • Local reminder notifications to fill in your contributions
  • Recognize URIs on clipboard and ask to instantly make a contribution out of it


Unofficial app to help MVPs manage their community activies easier



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