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Data Repo

Data used for my stories in the Los Angeles Times and

I'm slowly adding dozens of data sets in an effort to archive my work and help others who might be seeking specific records or trying to make sense of the Koreas as a foreigner.

Data set Description
#deletefacebook More than 100,000 tweets featuring the #deletefacebook hashtag.
#nicar18 More than 4,000 tweets featuring the #NICAR18 hashtag, which identified messages about IRE's annual CAR Conference.
dmz GIS data plotting the South Korea-North Korea border in various formats
koreas-population-projections Historic and future population figures for South Korea and North Korea
Los Angeles area street trees A growing and incomplete spatial data collection of trees planted within municipal right of way around Los Angeles County, in geojson and csv formats.Los Angeles County geography
north-korea-geography GIS data detailing boundaries for North Korean counties, states and rivers and lakes
north-korea-precipitation 10,000 monthly precipitation totals at 12 weather stations around North Korea: 2005-2017
north-korean-provocations List of provocations by date, type (nuclear, missile, etc.) and description: 1958-2017
obama-staff-2009-2016 President Obama's staff and their salaries over the years
south-korea-departures South Koreans' departures by air or port and year
south-korea-foreigners Foreigner population totals (and rates) at top-level
south-korea-foreigner-purchases What visiting foreigners buy in South Korea, by year and select countries
south-korea-tourists-by-country Tourist visit totals by month, country and age: 2003-2017
south-korea-population Population totals at all categories of geography
trump-staff-2017 President Trump's staff in summer 2017
usa-majority-minority-counties U.S.A. counties with race/ethnicity totals and flags for places in which the non-Hispanic white population isn't the majority
White House counsel tenures
white-house-counsel-tenure This dataset lists the tenures of White House counsel since President Roosevelt, according to wikipedia.

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A slowly growing repo of data used in my stories for the Los Angeles Times and



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