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Adobe Source Libraries

This started out as a fork from Adobe's original ASL Perforce server, but has since been undergoing development. Please contact the project owners if you have any questions or comments.

Build Status: Build status

We use Travis CI to validate ASL's build state. A build consists of building the test suite with Boost bjam in both debug and release modes.


There are multiple ways of building the Adobe Source Libraries.

configure && build

From a UNIX terminal you should be able to execute ./ and ./, which should download all the necessary dependencies (Boost and double-conversion) and begin building. (This is the method employed by Travis CI for build validation.)


CMake support also exists for Unix Makefiles and XCode. CMake will generate separate debug and release projects in a build_asl folder (which will be a sibling to the top-level adobe_source_libraries folder.)

CMake will download Boost and double-conversion from git repositories if not found, respectively in ../boost_libraries and ../double-conversion.

(The ./configure script can also be used to download and place the Boost and double-conversion libraries where they need to go.)

You can use an installed Boost using USE_SYSTEM_BOOST CMake option, in which case no attempt will be made to download it. If USE_SYSTEM_BOOST is ON, and BOOST_ROOT is defined, the latter can be used by CMake to find your Boost installation. If USE_SYSTEM_BOOST is OFF, CMake will generate what is necessary to build Boost dependencies as a static library.


This option is invoked from the ./ script.


This option is invoked from the ./ script. Once the project file is generated you can open it and build directly from within Xcode.


ASL's documentation is built with Doxygen and hosted on GitHub. We are in the process of updating the documentation so please pardon the dust.

The legacy documentation is still online and can be found here.


A Slack team has been set up to discuss all things ASL. If you would like an invitation please open an issue with your email address.


Adobe Source Libraries




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