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Deploy static websites or folders to AWS S3 with a single command

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Scotty.js is available on NPM. Install it as a global dependency to be able to use scotty command anywhere:

npm install scottyjs --global


Beam me up, Scotty

To deploy a static folder to AWS S3 run:

scotty {options}


beam-me-up {options}

Available options

  • --help or -h - Print this help
  • --version or -v - Print the current version
  • --noclipboard or -n - Do not copy the URL to clipboard (default: false)
  • --quiet or -q - Suppress output when executing commands (default: false)
  • --website or -w - Set uploaded folder as a static website (default: false)
  • --spa - Set uploaded folder as a single page app (default: false)
  • --source or -s - Source of the folder that will be uploaded (default: current folder)
  • --bucket or -b - Name of the S3 bucket (default: name of the current folder)
  • --prefix or -p - Prefix on the S3 bucket (default: the root of the bucket)
  • --region or -r - AWS region where the files will be uploaded, default: saved region if exists or a list to choose one if it is not saved yet
  • --force or -f - Update the bucket without asking (default: false, forced region can be overridden with -r)
  • --update or -u - Update existing bucket (default: false)
  • --delete or -d - Delete existing bucket (default: false)
  • --nocdn or -c - Disable Cloudfront handling (default: false)
  • --urlonly or -o - Only output the resulting URL, CDN or S3 according to options (default: false)
  • --expire or -e - delete objects on bucket older than n days (default: no expiration)
  • --profile or -a - AWS profile to be used (default: 'default')
  • --empty or -y - Empty the bucket (Delete all objects before upload files) (default: false)


Create React App application

Full tutorial:

To deploy CRA apps simply run npm run build in your project root folder to create build version.

Then deploy build version using following command:

scotty --spa --source ./build

Or, if you want to specify bucket name run:

scotty --spa --source ./build --bucket some-bucket-name

With --spa flag, Scotty will set required redirects for your single page app, so your app can use pushState out of the box.

Shared bucket application

To deploy multiple apps to a single bucket you can make use of the --prefix option. This comes in handy when your CI system deploys to a staging system with each branch as a pathname. Eg. the master branch should go to bucket root (/), so you do not set the prefix. The feature/fancy-stuff branch should go to the bucket path feature/fancy-stuff so just add this as the prefix. Here comes a command line example:

# deploy your master branch build to bucket root
scotty --source ./build --bucket some-bucket-name
# deploy your branch build to the branch name on the bucket
scotty --source_ ./build --bucket some-bucket-name --prefix your/branch


We use Jasmine for unit and integration tests. Unless there is a very compelling reason to use something different, please continue using Jasmine for tests. The existing tests are in the spec folder. Here are some useful command shortcuts:

Run all the tests:

npm test

Run only some tests:

npm test -- filter=prefix

Get detailed hierarchical test name reporting:

npm test -- full