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Development setup

First you have to have Poetry installed and running on your machine.

This project use packages from Gitlab PyPI. You'll have to generate a gitlab personal access token with read_api persmission.

Then configure the gitlab repository within poetry:

$ poetry config repositories.gitlab

And now setup the authentication replacing the <personal-access-token> with the token generated previously:

$ poetry config http-basic.gitlab __token__ <personal-access-token>

Now you're ready to download all the packages and to install everything with:

$ poetry install

Then check everything has been installed correctly run the tests:

$ make test

Then run stoqserver:

$ make flask

If everything executed without errors you're good to go.


Running CI locally

Install gitlab-runner

sudo curl -L --output /usr/local/bin/gitlab-runner
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/gitlab-runner

Install the docker snap

sudo snap install docker
# Follow the instructions for classic systems
sudo snap restart docker

Run the CI for the local project

gitlab-runner exec docker test

Refreshing the testing container

Rebuild a container candidade with proposed changes to the Dockerfile:

docker build -t stoq:candidate -f utils/Dockerfile.stoq .

Push the candidate container to dockerhub (ensure you are logged in):

docker push cprov/stoq:candidate

Then, point .gitlab-ci.yml to the candidate container:

image: cprov/stoq:stable

and update your branch.

Once it passes CI, promote the candidate contained to stable:

docker tag <hash> cprov/stoq:stable
docker push cprov/stoq:stable

And restore .gitlab-ci.yml in your branch to the stable container.